Donald Trump Will Support Online Poker? Slow Your Roll

TrumpTo say that the current Presidential election cycle in the United States is an important one is a bit of an understatement. The choices made by the American public could have ramifications for the next decade and possibly longer depending on who ultimately takes the White House.

Of course, this is a site that covers the world of online poker regulation. The general rule of thumb is to assume that Democrats will work with online poker while many Republicans will be the industry’s enemy. While that is a simplistic view, that is how it typically works out, or at least that is how it is portrayed.

This time around, we have the Donald Trump factor. The outspoken outsider is threatening to shake things up and the GOP is nervous as hell, and for good reason. For many looking at how this impacts online poker, it is assumed that Trump will be a good thing for our industry. While he may indeed be an ally in our fight to regulate the game, we might want to slow our roll when it comes to “The Donald.”

If He Wants to Create Jobs – He Could Be Our Greatest Ally

Donald Trump is campaigning that his is going to “Make America Great Again” and that we will all be “winning” once more. While that is great rally talk, when the actual work begins on trying to build up our nation, he needs to dedicate ample time and attention to creating job growth in this country.

If you believe media spin, it would seem that the job markets are improving and that unemployment is dropping. This is overlooking the record welfare numbers and the number of workers that have effectively quit looking for work.

Anyone that has looked for a job in the last couple of years has experienced how tough it is to get a job. I have worked with people to find employment and it is very difficult to find truly gainful employment in this country right now unless you have specific skill sets or make your own job.

Realizing the need of jobs in our country, online poker can help in that area. While it is true that our industry requires “specific skill sets,” it is also true that in some areas there is an oversaturation of talent. The poker media is a big example of too many workers and too few jobs.

Regulating online poker does more than provide tax revenue to the state from the operators and those playing. It also provides a myriad of jobs in connection to the site and we aren’t even including those that chose to play online poker as an occupation.

Below are just a few areas where regulating online poker creates jobs:

• Sales and Marketing
• Customer Service
• Web creation and Design
• Technical Support
• Social Media
• Poker and News Media (Yes, these are different)
• General Poker Writing
• Clerical
• Janitorial
• Food Service (In house, delivery and any nearby establishment to offices)

Our nation needs jobs and a focus of the next administration should be on creating jobs and not manipulating numbers and public opinion to meet their purposes. If Trump is serious out making America great again, he will support online poker regulation and general iGaming regulation as a instrument of job creation.

Trump’s “Flexibility” Could Make Him Our Great Threat

In recent weeks, something we’ve suspected about Trump has been proven true. After the New York Times claimed to have a private conversation where Trump claimed that his policies on immigration were “flexible,” he openly admitted that he is flexible in all of his policies.

Senator Ted Cruz brought up a great point when he said that flexibility is equal the same crooked politics that’s been going on for decades in Washington, and this is something that should concern online poker supporters.

Just how flexible are Trump and his policies and how far does that flexibility extend? If Trump takes the nomination and Sheldon Adelson were to throw the right amount of money at his campaign, how flexible would he be on his “policies.”

Could that flexibility result in an executive order calling for a moratorium on online poker while Congress studies the issue? Yes, I just insinuated that he could EO Rawa-Lite into existence. But that’s too far fetched to assume right? Trump’s policies are flexible, or is that just more spin?

No “Guarantees” Among Republicans

For those looking for an ally for online poker, realize that neither of the legitimate options remaining are locks to support online poker. At this point, I am ruling Rubio out as a legitimate threat as the race is really down to Trump and Cruz.

Some believe that Senator Ted Cruz could be a supporter of online poker because he supports the Constitution. While this could indeed be the case, I’d be interested to hear his personal and moral view on online poker and gambling in general.

It is well documented that Cruz is a moral and religious man and that many of his policies are driving on his principles and his belief in the Constitution. The question is which will prevail if there’s a potential conflict. Will he side with the Constitution or will his principles drive him away from taking a stance on the issue.

As the primaries begin to hit the home stretch, those of you that support both online poker and the GOP need to remember that there are no guarantees in this year’s election cycle. Personally, I would recommend that you do not make your choice based solely on whether the candidate supports online poker but if you must, consider which will give us the best chance to advance regulation in the next four years.