Four AcesOnline Poker New York is not only your resource for legalization news but also for all things poker. Poker is more than a game. It is a way of life for many players and the game has worked its way into pop culture.

Prior to the Poker Boom, it could take years to become competent in the game and sometime decades to become a great player. Thanks to the internet, players can become expert players in the matter of months. Below are several resources that you may find useful in improving your game or even finding a place to play.

USA Poker Sites – While Online Poker New York is focused on legalizing the game, we cannot overlook the sites that still operate in the United States. Some of these sites have developed solid reputations among players despite the fact they are unregulated. We quickly list and review several of the more popular US facing poker sites.

Best Online Poker Books – Since 2004, the number of books available on the subject of poker has exploded. Unfortunately, a solid percentage of these books are not worth the paper they’re printed on. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best poker books that any beginning or intermediate player should read.

Poker Training Sites - After the Poker Boom, millions of players from around the world started flocking to the newest sensation that was Texas Hold’em. At first, most online poker training sites were no more than mere poker forums consisting of hand discussions but in time, comprehensive sites began to spring up complete with video instruction from some of the game’s top players. Check out our compilation of some of the top training sites.

Online Poker Glossary - Poker has a lexicon all its own and sometimes it’s hard to know what your fellow players are talking about. Don’t know the difference between a check-raise and a three-bet? No problem. This glossary will give you a guide of the most common poker terms so that you look like an experience veteran at the tables.

Famous Poker Quotes – Poker is not just a game, but also a way of life. For hundreds of years, poker players have given their insights about poker and life or have just given some clever quotes that went viral before “going viral” was even a trend. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best poker quotes of all time for your entertainment.