Three Reasons the PokerStars Pro Tour Should Expand to NY and PA

Daniel PS TalkThe PokerStars Pro Tour recently wrapped up the first set of stops as part of their “Let California Play!” initiative. PokerStars began this initiative as a way to bring the issue of iPoker regulation to the local card rooms and casinos in California. Their goal was to educate players and mobilize them to become online poker activists with their local lawmakers.

While iPoker regulation is not as divisive an issue in New York and Pennsylvania, PokerStars may be wise to conduct similar tours in both states to help forward the issue of iPoker regulation. Below are three reasons the PokerStars Pro Tour should expand to Pennsylvania and New York.

Let Players Know Online Poker is in Their Future

The first job of the PokerStars Pro Tour in New York and Pennsylvania would be to educate players that online poker is possibly in their future. While many players are aware that there are sites out there where they can deposit funds, they may not be aware that regulation is being considered by the legislature.

The PokerStars Pro Tour can teach players why they should want regulation, how it can benefit them and help to grow the online poker industry as a whole in the United States.

Promote the PokerStars Brand to Players and Lawmakers

So far, neither New York nor Pennsylvania have used the words “bad actor” in their respective online poker bills and PokerStars remains a possible player for online poker in both states. The PokerStars Pro Tour can give players and lawmakers in both states to meet with company officials and Team Pros to talk about PokerStars, online poker and what they can offer to the state.

Amaya Inc. is now in charge of PokerStars and the stigma surrounding the company post-Black Friday left with the sale. Lawmakers and players should go into any meetings with PokerStars keeping their minds open to new possibilities for the industry.

Mobilize Players to Demand Lawmakers Regulate Online Poker

The most important job of the PokerStars Pro Tour will be to mobilize online poker players in NY and PA. Get the contacting their state legislators and demanding that online poker be regulated in their states.

New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware paved the way for online poker regulation in 2013 and sit waiting for other states to join them. New York and Pennsylvania joining the fold would bring that total to five states, or 10% of the U.S.

With New York and Pennsylvania on board, perhaps this would pressure California lawmakers and stakeholders to finally come to a consensus on online poker and become state #6 to legalize iPoker.

Notice a bit of a snowball effect here? The PokerStars Pro Tour could potentially bring this to reality if the company is willing to devote the resources. California is a good start, but PokerStars can do so much more to promote iPoker regulation in the United States and it is time that they do so.